Alex Cable, James Fujimoto and Franz Kaertner found idestaQE

idestaQE sets out to commercialize latest, MIT-developed ultrafast technology

Newton, NJ, May 1, 2010 -- Alex Cable, founder and president of Thorlabs, Inc. and Professors Jim Fujimoto and Franz Kaertner, both from the Research Laboratory of Electronics (rLe) at MIT, are proud to announce the founding of Idesta Quantum Electronics ( The founding team also includes Dr. Peter Fendel, who will lead the operation.

IdestaQE is built on Professors Kaertner’s and Fujimoto’s work at rLe and Thorlabs’ 20+ years of product expertise and market position in the photonics industry. The organization will leverage both of these advantages to deliver innovative ultrafast products to the photonics and imaging markets worldwide. IQE will manufacture and market the Octavius, an octave spanning, 6fs Ti:Sa laser, which was formerly sold by Menlo Systems, Inc. The core technology for the Octavius laser is resident within the IQE organization. In addition to the ultrafast oscillator product line, idetstaQE will launch a new, superior pulse characterization technique for ultrashort pulses, based on 2-dimensional shearing interferometry (2DSI). This novel technique will be on display at the Conference for Lasers and Optoelectronics (CLEO) from May 18-20 in San Jose, CA.

In addition to the pulse characterization and ultrafast product line, IQE will provide large-scale timing distribution systems for next-generation light sources, like free electron lasers. This timing distribution expertise is also resident within the IQE team and is based on technology for synchronizing fs lasers and rf-sources and stabilizing fiber links that are hundreds of meters in length.

About  idestaQE

Idesta Quantum Electronics (IQE) was founded in April 2010 by Professors Jim Fujimoto and Franz Kärtner from the Research Laboratory of Electronics (rLe) at MIT, Alex Cable, founder and president of Thorlabs, Inc, and Dr. Peter Fendel. Dr. Fendel will lead the organization as its CEO.


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